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Even though there are so many amazing reasons to go outdoors, your time, energy, and money are still compromised in this endeavor. When you feel like staying home for the whole weekend, it’s still possible to be entertained, relaxed, and productive all the same time. The Levels features a set of amenities that are designed to improve your way of living at home. And the best thing about these amenities is they’re exclusive for your use any day of the week.

The summer heat can be punishing at times. When going to the beach is impossible, The Levels has got your back. This condominium development features a geometric-shaped swimming pool for you and your loved ones. There’s even an adjoining pool that’s designed for children as well. When the heat becomes unbearable, you can head on over to these pools to cool off whenever you please.

Staying at home means there shouldn’t be any trace of stress to hound you. Here in The Levels, you’ll have so many options when it comes to relaxation. For starters, there are various landscaped courtyards, meditation nooks, and themed gardens all over this condominium development. Find a spot here and you’ll be guaranteed a peaceful time away from the whole world. You’ll also be given exclusive use of a meditation room and terraced promenades to make your stay here more relaxing.

When you feel the need to burn those unwanted pounds, you won’t need to step out of the Levels to do so. There’s a fitness gym you can use anytime here. This amenity is filled with various fitness tools and equipment to help you achieve your ideal body. In addition, there are jogging paths and reflexology areas all over The Levels. If you want to have a more active time working out, these outdoor amenities are there to cover your specific fitness needs.

Your basic needs at home aren’t missing here in The Levels. In fact, they are made even better here. You’ll have the benefit of a centralized mailroom, garbage chutes, integrated multi-level basement parking spaces, and high-speed elevators. To top it all off, there’s a 24/7 security station in this condominium development to monitor every suspicious activity within the premises. You’ll have the advantage of sleeping soundly at night or leaving your home in peace with utmost confidence.

It’s easy to spend your weekends and rest days outside of your home. The Levels is offering you a better alternative, thanks to its amenities. All of these features and facilities work in unison to improve your stay at home and create a lifestyle where you’ll have everything close to you.

  • Geometric-shaped swimming pool with adjoining kiddie pool
  • Outdoor children playground
  • Landscaped courtyards
  • Meditation nooks with
  • Jogging path
  • Reflexology paths
  • Vine-shaded walkways around the complex
  • Themed gardens around the complex
  • Rock garden
  • Wellness garden
  • Perfume garden
  • Healing garden
  • Terraced gardens and promenades reminiscent of California Lombard Street
  • Landscaped drop-off rotundas for each building in the complex
  • Fitness center
  • Function halls
  • Indoor kiddie play area
  • Library lounge
  • Prayer/meditation room 
  • Ground floor boutiques and specialty shops
  • Exclusive main lobby/reception area
  • 2 high-speed passenger elevators
  • 1 freight/service elevator
  • Centralized mailroom
  • Building administration office
  • Building maintenance room
  • 24-hour security station
  • Garbage chute
  • Integrated multi-level basement parking
  • Drivers lounge
  • Grand ballroom overlooking the porte-cochere
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